KFC Is Working On Creating Chicken Nuggets Using 3D Bioprinting

KFC has revealed that they’re collaborating with 3D Bioprinting Solutions to create food out of chicken cells and plant material. It might sound a bit out there, but it could reduce the need for breeding animals for food.

Photo: Aleks Dorohovich/Unsplash

The 3D printing company has two primary tasks with two objectives. One, developing a product that tastes and feels like chicken without it being taken straight from the animal. Two, recreating the “signature KFC taste” through ingredients provided by the fast-food giant. The former will be the real challenge because 3D bioprinting is still a slow and tricky process. However, KFC seems confident that their nuggets will be available for testing in only a matter of months.

Restaurant Of The Future

This new food product is part of KFC’s aim to create the restaurant of the future. They hope that serving 3D-printed nuggets will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. This is the kind of positive change that we could definitely use in the future. The question is whether or not people will jump at the chance to eat meat that was grown in a laboratory.

Photo: Syed Hussaini/Unsplash

Whether this marks a new chapter for fast-food restaurants depends on how KFC’s nuggets will do when they hit the market. If all goes to plan, chicken nuggets as we know could disappear forever.