Leonardo DiCaprio's Dating History is Wilder Than Any Hollywood Script 

By Sarah Kasovski

Everyone has a favorite Leonardo DiCaprio movie: With iconic roles in everything from Titanic to Django Unchained, the actor has emotional range and depth. Puzzlingly, he remains one of Hollywood's biggest bachelors — with no end in sight!

His Heart Will Go On

Leo is one talented guy, something audiences have recognized since the '90s. At this stage in his life, he has a net worth of $260 million and enjoys regular Oscar nominations. But fans secretly wonder: Who is really on the long list of women that helped him along the way?

It has been said that Leonardo dates Victoria's Secret models, as well as Victoria's Secret models. But does he really restrict his taste to the top talent in the lingerie business? Inquiring minds want to know just whose hearts he's been breaking, for three decades!

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