Lazy Life Hacks Every Modern Gal Should Try Out

It's a whirlwind, out there. Modern life is fast and furious, and it's not slowing down for anyone soon. Does this require hard work and planning? Au contraire, friends: Quick fixes and shortcuts are always a preferable option. For the sloppy gals out there, it's the only way! Need to do an acceptable manicure before an interview, but don’t have extra time? Is Netflix and Chill causing a time warp, and the house is disorganized? Many would say that is understandable. But it's good to have a few tricks to mitigate the damage of lazy living. Today is the day where it all happens, right here!

Boppin' Band-aid Nail Art

Be honest: Waiting on a wet manicure is just another version of watching paint dry. No one enjoys it. And with all the new bells and whistles in the designs today, it can take a very long time indeed. Is there a quick way to get next-level nails?


Why, yes! With the help of a clipped band-aid, all is possible. Paint those nails with a good base color, and wait for them to fully dry. Next, cover the nail and paint a contrasting color over the holes of the strip. The last step is logical: Rip the band-aid off and see perfect polka dots, ready for any night on the town!

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