Meghan Markle Has a Quarrel With the Queen, But Why?

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With a full-blown departure to Canada, the fallout over Harry and Meghan's decision to leave royal duties has been immense. Media on both sides of the Atlantic criticized the controversial move, but did they really know what was going on behind the palace walls?

The Truth Hurts, According to Meg

In a new interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan sat down with husband Harry to discuss the dirty details. According to the Duchess of Sussex, things were no fairy tale behind the scenes. What did she allege?


It's time to take a look at Meghan's journey from optimism to alienation — and see why she really stepped away from the royals so soon. Harry seems to back her claims, for now. But some wonder: Is there another side of the story?

Next: See what Meghan calls the final straw, and why she is speaking out now!