Microsoft Has Exciting News About Microsoft Edge That Might Beat Out Chrome

As the wars continue for who will create the best browser, companies are adding new features including better privacy and security.

Microsoft updated Edge with amazing new features that will definitely might out Chrome in the world of browsers.

As a browser, Edge is growing in popularity, placing it in second place in the desktop browser market and is even beating out privacy-focused Firefox. Recently, Microsoft has revealed new features that will create valid alternatives to Google Chrome as many people have discovered this new browser at work as well as home.

One very useful aspect was picked up by Windows Latest, Edge Canary developer is building a new feature called “Web Capture”.. This allows you to take a screenshot of a web page, full or cropped, then copy to the clipboard or to preview it. That said, to capture a screenshot you need to use the developer tools.

The Web Capture preview screen currently allows you to share or save the image but if Microsoft adds annotation, you would be able to draw on the screenshot and share it.

New Updates Are On The Way For Edge 86

There are new features up ahead to improve your security, especially for Edge 86 which is expected to surface in the next few weeks. It will include new alerts for the Edge password monitor if the password becomes compromised. Edge will add the option to show or hide favorites from the favorites management page.

They will also be adding many other features for several other applications..

As of last week, Microsoft is going to roll out Edge 85 with new features to assist those locked in athome due to COVID-19 These features include sending your Edge collections to One Note along with Word and Excel. You will have the option to synchronize browser favorites and settings between Active Directory profiles within your own environment without needing cloud sync.

There are other features for you including Read Aloud, PDF, and Collections.

In Edge 84, you will have the ability to control notifications from other sites to prevent annoying pop-ups that drives you crazy while browsing.

Edge Is Planning To Beat Out Chrome

Chrome is still considered the number one browser in the market and will not be easy to beat out. That said, more and more people are looking for privacy and security which includes many businesses and consumers. They are ready to give Edge a try. With that in mind, Edge is based on the same Chromium browsing engine in Chrome and therefore packed with similar features.

As Edge has come under scrutiny for privacy violations, Microsoft has decided to bring it to all Windows users which has upset some people. Browser wars continue to fly and there is no sign of it slowing down. Other options include Firefox and Brave so you might want to give them a shot before making a decision.