Hidden Film Moments That Only True Fans Noticed

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Everyone thinks they are movie buffs, these days. But the truth is, it's hard to catch every quick-shot cinematic secret! For directors, it can be a quiet thrill to reference previous work in new projects. Others like to sneak in pop-culture favorites or metaphors. It's time to unveil the obscure, the wild, and the wacky hidden in plain sight!

Tron  Pac-Man’s Appearances

The original was legendary, but the update was CGI-tastic! In 2010, Tron: Legacy appeared in theaters with a whole new story and feel. The sci-fci adventure would not be complete without at least one throwback to the old days, of course. What was it?

Tron: Legacy

Look closely: It was Pac-man on the videogame map! The nostaligia was off the charts, alluding to a moment from the 1982 film. When the light cycles left the game grid, the yellow chomper also made a cameo on Sark’s control screen!

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