Mystery: Police Stunned By Colorado Supermom’s Double Life

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These days, many women are supermoms because of the herculean tasks they accomplish while simultaneously raising their children, working, and taking care of day-to-day chores. But sometimes these women are forced to take questionable actions in order to provide for their families.

Paige Birgfeld, the Single Supermom

Paige Birgfeld’s life was not easy. At only 34 years old she had already gone through two divorces while simultaneously raising her three kids. 

As everyone knows, going through a divorce is not an easy process and somehow, Paige managed to keep her children happy and provided for through the hard times.

She did absolutely everything in her power for her children, from making sure they did not miss a day of school, to ensure they could participate in all their favorite after-school activities and sports. Throughout this time she went through a handful of jobs to keep them financially afloat. 

However, there was something about Paige that was her biggest secret, a dangerous truth that put her family at risk.

What exactly did she keep hidden from everyone...