Strange Things Spotted On Nanny Cams By Parents and Babysitters


Depending on how you use them, “nanny cams” can be seen as sensible safety measures or overly controlling surveillance tools. Although it is essential to ensure your child's well-being as they grow, this kind of technology may give nannies and even some parents an uneasy feeling. Some nannies get the impression that they are being observed, putting pressure on them, resulting in an uncomfortable situation, whereas parents might find it hard to resist snooping.

You can't blame parents for wanting to be extra careful around their young children—especially since so many strange things have been caught on nanny cameras in recent years. Here are some of the most bizarre things recorded on camera by parents, nannies, and other caregivers using nanny cameras. 

Be warned that some of these stories will do more than give you the creeps!