New York City Landlord Accused of Creating Illegal Duplex by Dividing Condo Horizontally

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Jing Ya Lin, a condo owner in New York has been accused of splitting an apartment on the Lower East Side apartment into two apartments of 4 ½ foot high.

Instead of adding internal walls to reduce the size and create a new apartment, the horizontal division has forced tenants to crouch or crawl inside their residents. Jing, recognizing the issue, then placed bubble wrap to protect the tenants when they started to hit their head on ceilings and pipes.

Almost a dozen violations were issued to the owner of Apartment 701 at 165 Henry Street. Jing purchased the unit in 2015.

Not The First To Think Of It

Jing is not the first owner at the property who has been accused of illegally creating an apartment. There have also been citations issued to Xue Ping Ni who had turned a 634-square-foot apartment into 11 smaller units. 

 Alongside the issue of space, there was no electrical, structural or planning permits, no sprinklers and an illegal bathrooms. The combination of these violations saw Xue presented with a bill of over $144,000.

Two of the residents, who have since moved out of the building, told the local press that they had been paying huge levels of rent. One had been charged $600/month in rent and the other had been paying out $2,800/month in order to rent a sixth floor bedroom.

It was a local reporter who had been writing on Xue Ping Ni’s condo that discovered the issue with Jing and proceeded to inform the authorities.