Newman’s Begins Creating Online Medicine for Sensitive Scenarios

Today, we get treated to so many companies starting up and building their reputation over time. In the past, if a company grew in size it would only become a nationally recognized brand after many years of growth.

Today, a tiny start-up company can become internationally renowned if what it offers is good enough. A fine example of this comes from Newman’s, a start-up firm in Indonesia. Their aim is a very interesting one; using telemedicine to help ensure patients can get simpler, safer care.

Many health issues today are needlessly stigmatized, which can make getting treatment embarrassing. 

The company has launched a new range of batches, with their prescription hair loss treatments becoming popular very quickly. They are also moving into other avenues, with plans to tackle things like stopping smoking and even erectile dysfunction over time.

Personal Motivation for Solution

Newman’s, founded by Elsen Wiraatmadja, Alfred Ali, and Anthony Suryaputra, made Newman’s for personal reasons. As three guys in their twenties, the hair loss that they experienced was a major wake-up call.

Suryaputra was one of the first to speak openly about this, saying: 

“It was a rather depressing period. It affected our confidence, our jobs and we didn’t know who to talk to and what to do. Even going to the doctor for treatment was an awkward process and it was expensive to pay for medications. We talked to other men and they faced the same issues.”

In Indonesia, getting prescription treatments for hair loss products like minoxidil can be tough. The low number of medical physicians in the country, as well as the cost of medical visits and treatments, can be quite off-putting for a lot of people suffering from hair loss. 

Newman’s, then, looks to help bridge that gap and make getting access to quality hair loss treatments easier than ever.

By working with a manufacturing team for their hair loss products such as finasteride, they cut out the middle-men so they can sell cost-effective treatments on demands. 

This allows them to utilize the money they bring in to pay up the doctors who are part of the team, as well as offer a proven money-back guarantee for the first three months of usage.

Business Keeps On Growing

Doctors get to benefit from using Newman’s, too, as they can conduct their diagnosis of the patient online. This allows for a simpler, easier diagnosis for patients.


By simply having someone fill in a question form and upload some photos, the doctor can work out what kind of treatment options exist for the individual.

With 10-plus doctors already working with Newman’s, this is expected to keep growing over time. The aim is to help people get affordable solutions to otherwise stigmatized treatments. 

By making the process of seeing doctors and getting prescriptions easier for both physician and patient, then, Newman’s is carrying out an enviable role in Indonesia. If they can continue to grow as they have so far, success is not too far away on a more varied scale.