Nintendo's ‘Jump Rope Challenges' Helps You Exercise

It seems that Nintendo is really doing its best in trying to keep us active. Following the hugely popular ‘Ring Fit Adventure,’ Nintendo has introduced ‘Jump Rope Challenge.’ And the best thing about it? It is completely free!

Photo: Charlotte Karlsen/Unsplash

Thanks to the Nintendo Switch games console, people can now get a free workout in their homes. ‘Ring Fit Adventure’ has become hugely popular since the lockdown, and in many cases, the game is sold out. So if you haven’t been able to get your hands on the adventure, ‘Jump Rope Challenge’ could be the free alternative for you. Players use the Joy-Con controllers as jump rope handles as they swing them around while they jump.

‘Jump Rope Challenge’ gives gamers the initial challenge of 100 jumps in a day, but you can adjust the challenge depending on your fitness and skill level. The game uses jumping bunny rabbits to show your progress, meaning there is a certain fun element to distract you from simply jumping rope. One advantage of this game is the fact it doesn’t require any additional accessories, unlike ‘Ring Fit Adventure,’ which has its specific equipment. The game is a simple one, but you can challenge a friend with the two-player mode.

Nintendo’s ‘Ring Fit Adventure’ was so successful that it saw shortages in supply worldwide. ‘Jump Rope Challenge’ is another game from Nintendo that gets its customers moving with a focus on health and wellbeing. Nintendo says, “It’s all the fun of jumping, but there’s not a rope in sight.”

Photo: Erik Mclean/Unsplash

Thanks to Nintendo, you can now get a good jump rope workout without having to learn how to actually jump over a rope. The free game is available to download from the Nintendo eStore.