Amusing Office Pranks That Are Anything but Subtle

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Our real-life office experiences are usually far different from those presented in TV series like The Office. There’s no Michael Scott to embarrass himself and no Jim Halpert orchestrating ludicrous office pranks. The reality is that office life means rows and rows of droll cubicles filled with people suffering under the gaze of unappealing light fixtures. Indeed, the setup can sometimes be unbearable. Ordinary workdays crawl by, and well-meaning coworkers get on your nerves. 
Thankfully, we have cute pranks and silly jokes to make office life bearable. The pranks below prove that humor is alive and well in some office spaces. Depending on the people you work with, office life doesn’t have to be so boring. Have fun reading, and if you’re ready to inject some fun into your office, don’t forget to take notes!