Celebrities' Hilarious Responses to the Paparazzi's Constant Presence

The paparazzi have been a fixture in the entertainment industry for decades, constantly snapping photos of celebrities as they go about their daily lives. For some stars, this constant attention can be overwhelming, but for others, it's an opportunity to have a little fun at the expense of the photographers.

From hiding behind potted plants to making silly faces and even confronting them directly, some celebrities have found creative ways to deal with the paparazzi's presence. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the funniest and most memorable responses from celebrities to the paparazzi. Whether they're trying to make a statement or just having a good time, these famous faces know how to turn the tables on the paparazzi and get a laugh in the process.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy some hilarious celebrity antics!

DiCaprio Literally Disappears

Leonardo DiCaprio, a famous actor, has tried a number of inventive strategies to avoid being photographed. The Hollywood actor shoves his face into his jacket to avoid being recognized by photographers because of how much he despises them. But, unfortunately, because they are so skilled at what they do, the paparazzi still recognize him!

In this funny photo, the star uses a huge puffer coat, a low-fitting baseball cap, and sunglasses to conceal any part of his face that could be peeking through. Because of this, only his ears are visible.

Jennifer’s Walrus Tusks

Jennifer Lawrence spoke out about the paparazzi who had started to follow her around constantly early in her career. She claims she was aware they would exist but had no idea how much of an impact they would have on her mental state. So she devised a silly scheme to taunt the photographers.

This photo was shot in 2015 as the celebrity departed a chic eatery. The actress imitated Rachel Green by giving herself some attractive tusks using chopsticks. Jennifer Lawrence is an actress who likes to laugh!

Benedict Becomes Mr. Napkin

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is well-known and adored by nerd fandoms everywhere. In the last ten years, his career has really taken off, and as a result, the paparazzi are after him more than ever.

In 2014, the actor decided to rebel and hide his face with a tissue while out to lunch with Dakota Johnson, another actress, and an unidentified female friend. He covered it with his cap and placed his sunglasses on the front to keep it in place while continuing to eat lunch as usual.

Justin’s Gas Mask Stunt

Wearing a gas mask is perhaps not the best course of action if you're attempting to blend in with the crowd unnoticed. Unfortunately, that lesson cost Justin Bieber his reputation. When it comes to paparazzi, Bieber has a troubled past. He once tried to exit a Beverly Hills church but hit a group of photographers with his automobile.

One individual was transported to the neighborhood hospital. In addition, invading images of Justin's wife, Hailey Baldwin, have come to light more lately. The pop star in this image conceals his extremely well-known face with a gas mark.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s Statement

Now, this is an approach we can get behind. With the help of homemade signs, their generous hearts, and some clever on-the-spot reasoning, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are outwitting the paparazzi. The on-again/off-again pair slyly avoided the paparazzi's flashing cameras while out for a stroll in Manhattan in June 2014 by concealing their faces with a two-part written message.

When they spotted surrounding photographers, the celebrities held up information for various humanitarian organizations, as shown above. In doing so, they highlighted how pointless and superficial celebrity photos are for everyone. Bravo to them!

Shia’s Brown Bag

Shia LaBeouf and the paparazzi appeared to be at odds recently. Basically, this is a hybrid of performance art and dodging paparazzi. Actor Shia LeBeouf wants us to believe that, at least. The actor entered the room wearing a paper bag over his head and holding black plastic bags in each hand.

Shia also sat in the same outfit for a whole week inside a LA gallery after he wore a brown bag on the red carpet on another occasion, but this time it said, "I am not famous anymore."

Jessie Wallace as Mr. Bean 

Listen, we are aware that Jessie Wallace isn't the most well-known actress in the world. She is a legendary British soap star who, in response to the paparazzi, had a brilliant move. In order to shield himself from the paparazzi, Ed Sheeran has been photographed wearing a Psy mask; nonetheless, Jessie's decision is unquestionably superior.

Over the years, the Bafta-nominated actress has encountered many British tabloids. We appreciate her use of Mr. Bean, the legendary figure created by Rowan Atkinson, to deal with problems.

Cara’s Funny Face

Cara Delevingne stood up to the relentless paparazzi who were trying to ruin her holiday by closely observing every move she made. She said she was aware that dealing with cameras was a necessary aspect of being in the spotlight.

The English model and actress typically maintains a neutral expression when photographed, so whoever took this picture got a wonderful shot. When this picture was taken, Cara was attempting to enjoy a meal and some phone time. Is it impossible for a girl to eat a snack without making headlines? Sheesh.

Misha Collins’ Playful Pose

Along with being skilled and attractive, Misha Collins is a big goof. Among the qualities that make him so endearing is his sense of humor. Misha's encounters with the paparazzi are always surprising and ridiculous since he enjoys playing around and having fun.

Here's a nice illustration of that from the year 2015. When the star learns the paparazzi are targeting him, he simply strikes a peculiar position. We highly encourage you to view the many other awkward stances Misha has struck for the cameras.

Jack Black’s Camera Play

Jack may have actually been upset with the paparazzi for taking his picture. Still, we have a sneaking suspicion the Hollywood icon is merely making fun of other celebrities who frequently exhibit the same behavior. The lead singer of Tenacious D can be seen attempting to seize a camera as it tries to get some footage of the celebrity in this image.

And on another note, how great is it that he is sporting a t-shirt that so aptly reflects his hilarious persona? Perhaps the photographer was merely trying to capture this massive New York kitten garb.

Ryan Calling Paparazzi for a Fight 

We're not shocked to see that actor Ryan Gosling's response was to raise his fist and attempt to scare the paparazzi away because it looks like many celebs feel angry towards them once they notice them. The majority of celebrities don't appear to realize that this is the exact content the paparazzi are seeking.

Ryan certainly had the option to conceal himself a little more, but why would he? We can see his reaction to having his privacy violated, at least in these images. We assume he is not a fan.

Sinitta and Simon’s Fruit Props

Typically wherever English record mogul and talent show critic Simon Cowell is found–so is singer Sinitta. Back in the day, the two were romantically involved, and they have stayed friends ever since. So naturally, Sinitta has also been in a number of reality TV programs.

We can see Simon Cowell is able to loosen up. Behind his serious demeanor, he has a sense of humor! The two are teasing some nearby photographers while on a yacht in this silly snap. These two made the decision to experiment with some fruit–to each his or her own!

Hide and Seek With Dustin

If we were celebrities, we like to think that we would just turn on our heels and walk away from the paparazzi. They could only access the backs of our heads in this fashion. As he playfully dodges the cameras, Dustin Hoffman appears to be practicing for a spy role.

Or how about dodging them by going into a bustling store? Maybe slip into a restaurant? Of course, if you're an A-list celebrity like Dustin Hoffman, it's definitely a lot more complicated than that. And we don’t think the mailbox is going to cut it. 

Signature Trolling Style

Bruce Willis, an action star, is a Hollywood insider. This man is no stranger to the paparazzi thanks to a long career. Bruce, unfortunately for the paparazzi, does not appreciate being followed, bothered, and inundated with cameras.

This actor has been observed using water as a weapon against pesky photographers, whether it be hurling it directly at the cameras or spilling it into a paparazzo's car. Although he appears to be having a good time in the image above, it's possible that he was just getting back at the folks who had been pestering him.

Grant Gustin’s Superhero Jump

Actor Grant Gustin is best known for his role as The Flash on the TV show of the same name. Photographers could not help but take images of Grant when he was out and about, just like they would with any current celebrity. These images were actually captured between takes on The Flash set in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The star is clearly amusing himself despite how irritating the paparazzi are. For the cameras, Grant smiled briefly and struck a few amusing poses. The CW star is attempting a sassy heel click in this picture.

Gerard Butler’s Sweet Revenge

Photographers are constantly attempting to get a peek at this masculine man of Hollywood with his scruffy beard and messy hair. However, Gerard doesn't always enjoy being harassed. He just wants the ability to go out to dinner in peace, like any other person!

Gerard was simply attempting to have a good supper with pals when he found paparazzi shadowing him. He chooses to fight fire with fire rather than yell or pick a fight. As the paparazzi harass him, Gerard grabs his phone and begins taking pictures of them!

Pete Wentz’s Ad Space

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were a pop-punk power couple for a spell, but they weren't really fond of the media attention their marriage brought about. So soon after getting married and going on their honeymoon, the couple came home and made the decision to play some pranks on the photographers.

Pete came from a friend's Memorial Day celebration covered in paper plates as the two were leaving. He had written "Your Ad Could Be Here" on the back as if a homemade mask created from throwaway dinnerware wasn't humorous enough already.

Showing off Puppy the Ashley Way

Singer Ashley Tisdale was wearing only comfortable clothing as she was spotted taking a stroll through her neighborhood in Toluca Lake, California, on a bright Sunday afternoon.

Photographers seized the chance to pounce when they learned that a starlet would be seen out and about not looking her best. While most people prefer to see excellent pictures of celebrities, everyone enjoys seeing bad ones as well! Ashley grabbed her pup Maui and held him in front of her face, trying to maintain some semblance of dignity.

Who Wore it Best?

In 2008, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, who were dating at the time, were relaxing on the beach in Malibu, California. The couple, however, reacted when they noticed the horde of paparazzi attempting to take images of their passionate promenade along the ocean.

After sneaking into a beach cabana, the pair reappeared a short while later with a very different appearance. The couple changed clothes with each other! What was once seductive looked downright hilarious on a tall, slender man. This comedian's method of dealing with paparazzi harassment is entertaining.

Kesha’s Spooky Getup

When Kesha arrived at LAX wearing a costume covered in eyes, she gave the photographers a good look. This print embodies the psychedelic aesthetic. She also had a scarf covering her face and sunglasses over her eyes. Matching socks completed the overall look.

Kesha's claim that she didn't want to be photographed is untrue, in our opinion. Who could miss her in such an outrageous outfit? Before boarding the aircraft, she did pause and signed a few autographs for devoted supporters.

Ed Sheeran Hid Under a Psy Mask

Ed took issues into his own hands because he didn't want the media to see him leaving the Mahiki nightclub in London. The rapper Psy's mask, worn by the singer, obscured his face. Why don't all famous people always have a variety of masks on them to confuse the paparazzi? Surprisingly, the "Shape of You" singer did go out with the "Gangnam Style" star that night.

That's a brilliant method to confuse the photographers! According to the news, Ed also hired more protection to keep him safe from cameras and admirers.

Alec Baldwin Draped in a Full Body Blanket

Alec pulled a blanket over his head and strolled along Park Avenue in Manhattan because he was tired of the media following him around. After a fight with a photographer, the actor probably took the blanket from the Loews Regency Hotel.

The day before, Alec and Hilaria Thomas, his fiancée, had applied for a marriage license. When paparazzi greeted them in front of the city clerk's office and threatened to take pictures, he wasn't too happy about it. He then took refuge in the hotel. It has the feel of an action movie scenario!

Using Fame for a Cause

Photographers captured Adam Levine as he left the Mustard Seed Cafe. The lead singer of Maroon 5 had just finished eating with Behati Prinsloo, who was then his girlfriend. Levine decided to conceal his face in support of a cause as the pair left the eatery and discovered photographers waiting for them.

He urged supporters to donate to the Red Cross by texting the phrase "Text RedCross to 90999" as he raised awareness of Hurricane Sandy's victims and asked for support from his audience. Well done!

O’Neal Hid Behind Spindly Tree

On this list, quite a few famous people exhibit a lack of originality in their interactions with photographers. For these people, everything revolves around their immediate surroundings. Locate a tree? Hide! And most of the time, this just results in a funny picture.

The 325-pound, 7-foot-tall basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal is seen here. Shaq would be difficult to conceal even in the best circumstances, much less behind a tiny tree. When Shaquille O'Neal tried to hide from cameras behind a small tree, the resulting photo was hilarious.

Couple Cardboard Covers

The influence of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield on other often-captured celebrities is obvious. For example, businessman husband Adam Shulman and actress Anne Hathaway adopted the same strategy to prevent unauthorized photography.

Adam and Anne were out walking their dog when they noticed photographers following them to get a candid and intimate picture. The actress and her partner had handmade signs covering their faces that promoted charities. "Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had a great idea," they wrote–asking people to visit the websites of various charity organizations.

Jaden Dressed as Iron Man

Jaden Smith once went on a date with Kylie Jenner, a member of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, when the adolescent was just 14 years old. The two were spotted in New York City while out and about shopping. Jaden was dressed as Iron Man, a costume he had bought during their shopping trip.

He was clearly acting like a playful child, but Kylie didn't seem amused. There were rumors that the two were dating at the time, but she has since moved on to Travis Scott. 

Harper Seven to the Rescue

David Beckham, an English football player, is a sweetheart. He is not alone in battling the paparazzi because he is a father of four. Harper Seven, the youngest child, is capable of fending off the nosy photographers who follow the family.

Harper was only a newborn when this photo was taken, yet even then, she was acting with maturity. Little Harper threw her tongue out at the passing photographers as David was photographed looking sharper than ever. You got them, little lady!

Kurt and Goldie Joke Around

Unlike other celebrities who try to hide from them, flee from them, make lewd gestures at them, or even assault them, this famous Hollywood couple doesn't seem to mind the paparazzi at all. Kurt and Goldie appear to be delighted to see the "paps."

Celebrities Russell and Hawn have been a couple since 1983. Their ability to have a positive attitude about their life in the spotlight may contribute to their success. Kurt and Goldie are graciously acknowledging the famous photographers in this adorable picture. Kurt laughs as Goldie points toward the camera's lens.

Camera Soak by Pete

The lead singer of Babyshambles, Pete Doherty, enjoys making fun of obnoxious paparazzi. He can be seen in this photo dumping a pail of water on a neighboring camera with joy. In fact, it produced a very great shot.

Pete has been known to hurl water or even ketchup at paparazzi trying to take his picture outside his then fiancée's home in St. Johns Wood, London. At the time, Pete was engaged to British model Kate Moss. The former couple's two-year relationship was turbulent; they split up several times before declaring their separation in 2007.

Vanessa “Visor” Stiviano

There is no doubt that Vanessa Stiviano needs to hide her face from the media. Due to her relationship with then-Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, the model was the focus of an NBA scandal in 2014.

The NBA permanently banned Sterling for making racial remarks after a video of the pair conversing surfaced. Additionally, Vanessa was sued by the wife of disgraced tycoon Donald Sterling to return all the gifts she had received from him. So, we fully understand her choice of cap and visor!

Hyland and Sherwood’s Stuff-You Faces

Look, we would also thrust our tongues out if we were continuously watched and photographed. Who can hold English actor Dominic Sherwood and American actress Sarah Hyland responsible for this naive outburst? Yes, it is somewhat immature.

It's useless, just like many other examples on this list. Even so, we understand it. Who really needs to see photos of these two shopping anyway? There must be more urgent issues at hand. When they realized a paparazzi was snapping pictures of them, the Modern Family and Shadowhunters stars started having fun with the cameras.

Joe’s Famous Karate Kick

The majority of the Jonas Brothers' existence must have involved dealing with the paparazzi. In addition to appearing in a number of Disney Channel series and films, the vocalists released their debut album in 2006. So how do the brothers handle unwelcome media attention, then?

Naturally, with a karate kick! Joe Jonas is essentially heard saying, "Hiya!" while performing this trick in front of the press. When photos of Joe's gorgeous children begin to surface, we wonder how he will react.

Couple Head Cover

The English singer evidently wants to approach photographers in a slightly more punk manner. As the couple makes their way home from the gym in London, Matt Bellamy, the fiancé of Kate Hudson, is seen with a bag over his head.

While Kate, who was expecting, used her iPhone to record paparazzi taking their shots, the Muse frontman sported a Tesco bag with one eye hole to peer inside. The pregnant Kate was visible wearing toe shoes and a hood over her head while displaying her engagement ring.

Andy Dick Strikes a Pose

Andy Dick, a comedian, and actor, has run across the paparazzi on numerous occasions throughout the years. One of his more composed reactions to individuals taking photos of him without his permission is shown in this picture.

The celebrity held out his tongue during a phone call to demonstrate that he could see the person snapping in his face. Other times, Andy Dick has gone to considerably greater lengths. The comedian ran down the Walk of Fame after a club refused to let him and his buddies inside.

Almost Hidden

Oh, Isla. Don't you realize that hiding behind a stroller almost guarantees that someone will take your photo and post it online? The issue with Shaquille O'Neal is exactly the same as this one. If you strive to avoid being photographed as a celebrity, the result will only be a terrible photo.

We do not claim that this is just or fair. But alas, it is the case! Isla Fisher at least succeeded in concealing the bottom third of her well-known face behind the pram holding her precious infant.

A Funny Look From Derick Hough

Being continuously photographed and supposed to ignore it must be annoying. We'd rapidly become annoyed if a man kept emerging from the shrubs and clicking in our faces. In this image, you can almost sense the annoyance seething beneath the surface.

Derek Hough, a dancer, and choreographer is pictured here with Marilu Henner, an actress. In 2016, the couple participated in Dancing with the Stars together and came in sixth. Their expressions ultimately conveyed how irritated they were with the paparazzi swarming around them.

Will.i.am Dons a Digital Felix Mask

How authentic is rapper and producer Will.i.am's behavior toward the media? By holding up an iPad with the cartoon character Felix the Cat on it, the celebrity chose to conceal his well-known face.

The former Black Eyed Peas performer, of course, also worked with American DJ Felix da Housecat. Marketing, huh? Will.i.am has expressed his views on the media quite aggressively. He claimed that paparazzi are the most discourteous individuals in the business. People often fail to appreciate how intrusive they are in another person's life.

Miley Boo Boo

On this list, we have already seen a few celebrities wearing masks. Undoubtedly, this is one of our favorites. The American pop sensation Miley Cyrus is shown here using Honey Boo Boo's face to tell the paparazzi that there is "no way" they will be able to take a photo of her face.

Ironically, a few years later, on The Masked Singer, Honey Boo Boo and her mother, Mama June, performed one of Miley's songs. The two sang along to Miley’s "Party in the USA." 

Alex’s Parking Meter Miss

We're back at it once more. Another instantly recognizable star is making an attempt to hide behind something that is simply too small. When will they get wiser? This time, baseball player Alex Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod, is attempting to utilize a parking meter as a defense.

You're in for some bad news, buddy–it didn't work. Just like Shaquille O'Neal, Isla Fisher, and countless others before them, this just produced a humorous image that is not going to vanish. He should possibly buy a Mr. Bean mask.

Tallulah Willis Caught off Guard

Tallulah Willis is used to dealing with paparazzi because she is the daughter of celebrities Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. Tallulah, an artist, seemed to have been made aware that she was being photographed in this picture at the very moment it was taken.

Demi responded, "I truly adore you all, and I am so very proud of you," to Tallulah's comment about the unwelcome attention. Tallulah has added, "Thank god we decided to be in the spotlight before birth; it's so fun and something we definitely had a say in."