These Photobombers Couldn’t Resist Stealing the Spotlight

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While numerous people don't photobomb intentionally, some live for the opportunity! From superstars and presidents photobombing each other to creatures creating havoc in the background, these pictures feature the most comical photobombs we've ever seen. Here are some of the most entertaining photobombers who demonstrate they are experts in their trade.

You Had One Job

When it's an ideal opportunity to take that pre-prom picture, the photographer has just one job: to take a decent photograph that can be recollected and appreciated until the end of time. There is no requirement for extravagant angles and filters – just pick a nice backdrop and snap a good photo.
This person's father totally missed the memo and neglected to master perhaps the most effortless undertaking of his life – taking his child's photograph without horrifying everyone in the background. Tragically, the mirror was poorly situated, so they will consistently be reminded that he was in his underwear when he sent his child off to prom. 

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