35 Spot-On Posts About Life In Your 40s!

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There is a lot of pressure these days to be “forever young” and we’ve all heard the endless jokes about being “over the hill.” But despite all the pressure and jokes, the process of getting older isn’t that bad. It all depends on how you choose to look at it. Sure, your body might not be able to do all it used to, but you can still be young at heart!  
We have the phrase “40 is the new 30” to mean that turning 40 isn’t that old – especially when compared to what it meant in times past. However, that doesn’t mean the stigma is completely gone. Far from it! Luckily, some 40-year-olds are fighting that stigma by making hilarious posts about what it’s like being 40. How funny can they be? Check out the following 34 posts to find out!