Reasons To Consider Adding Montenegro To Your Travel Bucket List

When most of us think of Europe, the first countries that come to mind are the classics like England, France, and Germany. But you might want to start considering Montenegro. This little country is a European gem you never knew you wanted to visit!

Photo: Thibaut Marquis/Unsplash

The Urban Culture

The streets of Montenegro may seem ancient on the outside, but the inside has all the modern comforts you can think of. Most people do their shopping in small boutiques rather than big shopping malls. Also, those interested in getting a more authentic feel of the place would enjoy a visit to the flea market in Budva.

Montenegro’s nightlife scene is a bustling one. Anyone keen to party is sure to find one in close proximity. Music, DJs, and karaoke parties will keep you up at night in the best way possible!

The Beaches

For anyone who wishes to spend their holiday on a nice sandy beach, Montenegro has got you covered. The country has a shoreline of more than 77 miles long and is often visited by Europeans who know what’s good in life.

The cities of Budva and Bečići have some of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic sea. The beach in Bečići is two kilometers long (about a mile and a half) so you’re sure to find your own spot there under the sun.

Photo: Miljan Mijatović/Unsplash

The Nature

Make sure to spend some time visiting the wild nature of Montenegro, with its beautiful valleys, clear lakes, and breathtaking mountains.

There are numerous nature reserves you can visit. The Lovcen reserve is one of the most famous reserves in the country and even serves as the historical symbol of Montenegro. You can hike through the different paths, and even climb to the top of Lovcen Mountain if you’re feeling adventurous.