Relatable Couple Moments Recreated By A Talented Artist

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While being in a relationship is an amazing thing, nobody discusses those moments of love when nobody is watching. Away from plain view, relationships aren’t always a bed of roses. Yet, the legitimate portrayal of daily existence in a long-term relationship is what many people really want to see. Instead, we get a filtered depiction on social media and in films, and who can really identify with that? Acknowledging the dark, silly, and frumpy times doesn't imply that living in a relationship is dull or less romantic. In truth, it reveals that love can be found in the littlest things – we simply need to figure out how to see them. 

From discovering your partner’s hair on every surface to maniacally popping their pimples, artist Amanda Oleander impeccably captured the real moments people don't share on the internet. We’re sure everyone can relate to at least one of these circumstances.