Rio Samba School Honors Bitcoin In Carnival Performance

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Every year, Imperatriz Leopoldinese has a different theme for the carnival, and this year, the Brazilian Samba school has chosen “money” as its focus. The performance will be a complex look at every aspect of money throughout the ages.

The performers are expected to represent the entire history of money in all its various forms and ideas. The performance will cover all money tender, from ancient coins to paper money, and will even incorporate cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin into the performances.


The Imperatriz has been in operation since 1956. From the very beginning, it’s been part of carnivals and has won numerous awards for its performances in them. Imperatriz hasn’t won any awards since 2001, and the school is hoping to reclaim top spot this year. The carnivals are typically held at the Marques de Sapucai Sambodromo.

According to Porto do Bitcoin, The Samba school will use bitcoin to entertain carnival goers in a performance titled “Give me Some Money.” This crypto-based Brazilian news source states that the performers are focusing on the relationship that exists between humans and their money.

The school will cover every aspect of this relationship, from its conception to its common forms in use today. The performance tells the story of the economic ties between people and nations.


The school’s performance is expected to cover the many different iterations of money since the concept was first imagined. It will take a step into the ancient techniques of minting money, such as during the Kingdom of Lydia in the 7th century BC and the use of paper money in China during the 10th century.

The performance will also cover the early bartering and exchange stories involving the original South American populace and their relationship with early Europeans. In addition, the performance will cover Brazil’s minting of coins during the days of slavery.

As if this wasn’t already intricate enough, the performance also promises to cover other aspects of finance, such as investing and saving money using bank deposits and other means. This performance promises not to take itself too seriously, though; the choreographers are trying to keep things light with a humorous look at income equalities and the challenges that come with them.

This performance will promise to be as entertaining as it is complicated, and guaranteed to captivate the Carnival audience. The Rio carnival will run from March 2 through the 9th.