Scary Selfies Might Be the Craziest Trend Yet

By Michael Goldstein
Mustang Wanted / Instagram

Sure, there's nothing like a unique selfie. But how far are most people willing to go for attention on social media? These days, there seems to be an increasing trend of risk-taking — and it can get downright scary, at times!

Hanging Out in Hong Kong 

Wanderlust is an understandable urge, and it's exciting to visit new cities around the world. Most people choose to explore with both feet planted firmly on the ground, though! What's this fellow thinking?

Well, probably exactly what his Instagram competition was thinking. Skyscrapers, wild beasts, cliffs, and bridges are all popular ideas, lately. But the truth is, chasing selfies can be deadly: More than 250 youngsters died between 2011 and 2017 while pursuing the perfect shot! It's time to take a look at that photography that went too far — way, way too far.

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