30 Social Media Liars Who Were Totally Exposed

By Shoshana Gluckmann
Reddit / QuirkyWolfie

It's intimidating. Social media seems to be dominated by exotic holidays, ripped abs, and private jets these days. How did life become so glamorous, so fast? With endless likes and shares, these vibes have spread like wildfire. But is everyone being honest? As it turns out, many are frauds!

No Adventure, After All

Instagram might be one the worst platforms for little white lies, in photo form. Here, one user posed as an enlightened and fit nature lover. All dressed up in tight, head-to-toe spandex, it was a powerful image that got comments calling her a model. Then, her very own flesh and blood called her out!

Stepping back from the picture, sis revealed the truth: This was just their backyard! It certainly made a good background, but there was little chance anyone was hitting the trails in this little space. That's not Lake Okahumpka Park, liar liar!

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