SpaceX Signs Deal to Send Tourists to Space

SpaceX, the innovative spaceflight company founded by Elon Musk, has now signed an agreement with Space Adventures. The US space tourism company is going to provide an amazing experience to four passengers who will get the opportunity to orbit the Earth in the Crew Dragon capsule.


According to Space Adventures, the first space tourists could launch in late 2021 and spend a total of 5 days in orbit. 

SpaceX has announced the collaboration with the company and sees the deal as finally enabling those of have always dreamed of going to space to experience the thrill for the first time.

World Altitude Record for Private Citizens

This historic deal sees Space Adventures taking four passengers on board of the Falcon9 rocket and Crew Dragon developed by Musk's SpaceX.


The craft will remain in orbit and will not be stopping at the International Space Station. The four lucky passengers will get a view of the Earth very few people have ever seen and will be the first to do so since the end of the Gemini project. 

They will also set the world altitude record for private citizens.

Space Adventures have already successfully arranged for seven customers to make a combined total of eight orbital journeys and visits to the space station. 

As yet there is no word from Space Adventures or SpaceX as to the cost of the tickets.