Stasher Brings In $2.5m In Added Funding

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Do you ever find yourself running out of space when it comes to your luggage on a long trip? You aren’t alone. While technology can do a lot to help us stem the flow and limit the impact of luggage loss, it’s not yet infallible. 

That’s why tools like Stasher, the luggage storage app made for travellers, is growing all the time. Indeed, the app just received a whopping $2.5m in additional funding.

The app first launched in 2015 and has become a very popular choice for regular travellers. A big new investor has been that of VentureFriends, as well as the likes of Johan Svanstrom who used to be the President of 

The Stasher app has become a fine solution for travellers and those on-the-go to find easy ways to store their luggage.

Instead of trying to stash everything into your hotel, you can use a locally designated Stasher point. You simply book in and you can then store your luggage on a medium-term basis in a particular nearby location. 

These change from location to location, but Stasher is partnering with local shops and hotel venues to give you a place to drop off your stuff.

A Major Hit 

Anyone who is using a StasherPoint will also be covered for damage, loss, and theft up to around a value of £1,000. The revenue share that is given to the hosts of the stashed luggage is around 50%, too, which is a great incentive. 


It’s the fact that it has become such a great additional income stream for smaller stores that have made Stasher such a major hit on the marketplace. 

That’s why it has become such a good choice for those who are short on time but need plenty of storage space. With its presence now above the 250-city mark, it’s becoming a major part of travel in the United States and Australia. 

It’s also going to be coming to many other countries in the future, so keep an eye out for it. They also work with other major partners such as Klook and 

Expect to start hearing a lot more about Stasher in the years to come as it continues to get more funding and finds new locations to give out easy places to store your luggage.

The next time that you are travelling, then, be sure to look out for something nice and simple from Stasher!