The Complicated Story Behind Ellen DeGeneres

By Sarah Kasovski

Until recently, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres had an impeccable reputation. A rare clean comedian in the business, her wholesome show was dominated by dancing — not drama. Recently, that has changed a lot for the worse!

Dancing Queen or Queen of Mean?

The woman who openly called her set "a place of happiness" suddenly found herself in a scandal this year. Accusations surfaced online that Ellen herself was a sinister, passive-aggressive character, harassing staff for sport. This was at odds with her kind image, to say the least! 

What's more, sexual misconduct claims against producers compounded the case for a toxic work environment. But was any of this true? It's time to examine the charges against Ellen, who has lost more Twitter followers than any other celeb this year!

Next: Weigh the dirty details and decide if Ellen has ever been what she seems!