Model Mania: Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley Create the Ultimate Body Positive Insta

By Sarah Kasovski
Instagram / @any.body_co

Georgia Gibbs is a size 6. Her best friend, Kate Wasley, is a size 16. They're both models! Today's changing industry allows for fitness figures and plus-size portraits, believe it or not. But is there still work to do in between? They certainly think so!

Beautiful, No Matter What They Say

When these BFF's first posted a pic together on Instagram, they received negative feedback. Why? Fans accused Georgia of trying to make herself look thinner by posing next to Kate! Both shocked, they knew they needed to take action.

An answer was quickly found: The Instagram account Any Body Co was born! In just 10 days, it racked up more than 60,000 followers and fascinating user submissions. According to Georgia: “We created Any Body to celebrate our differences, encourage women to quit the comparisons and learn to love themselves." Did they succeed?

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