Telegram Will Released The Test Crypto Wallet In Early 2020

The messaging app company turned blockchain has finally released its desktop wallet for their gram tokens.

You can download the test app for Mac OS, Windows, and Linus 64 bit on Telegram's official website and receive their keys on the TON test network. The wallet will request you save 24 seed words and create a password for payments. Once completed, the wallet will be ready to receive and send grams.

You will have a wallet that only you control without any bankers or middlemen. You can also receive test network grams from a special Telegram bot by asking it to send you anywhere from 5 to 20 tokens. A transaction will only take a minute but be warned, it can take longer during busy hours.


TON is an ambitious blockchain by Telegram which raised $1.7 billion in a closed token sale last year. It was previously marked to launch on October 31. The team released the code for a full node, a validator node, and block explorer in September which signaled the project was on its way to be launched.

In October, the project published the terms of use for the wallet app and asked investors to share their public keys, using the TON key generator. According to the developers' community chat group, the same generator is now built into the app.

Then everything seemed to go south when the launch was postponed after Telegram was sued by the SEC when they deemed grams to be unregistered securities and requested the court to stop Telegram from sending tokens to investors.

Telegram got approval from investors to postpone the launch until April of 2020 in order to gain more time to clear up the situation with the SEC. To date, the company will meet SEC in court on February 18 and 19, 2020 in New York.