Tesla Announces Their Customized Horn And Movement Sounds

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, announced an upcoming option to customize the horn and low-speed movement sounds. He tweeted that one of those sounds is made from coconuts which came from the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

King Arthur's assistant used two coconut halves to make the sound of hoofbeats from a non-existent horse!

Musk also used the sound of blowing wind and a goat emojis to emulate farting and baaing. This is because one of the world's most preeminent entrepreneurs happens to be a 7-year-old child.

A complete list of sounds has not been released at this time. The company is considering allowing car owners to upload their own sounds but, better walk a fine line as there might be lawsuits just around the corner ready to pounce!

According to Engadget, Tesla may have to abide by regional regulations for specific movement sounds to alert other drivers or pedestrians.

Earlier on last year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced its regulations for cars to emit a specific sound when moving at speeds that are below 20 mph. The agency is considering easing up on some of the regulations by allowing a suite of alerts that drivers can choose from.

Did You Fart At Me?

British humor has not been overlooked by Tesla nor limited to its audio system. The manufacturer's V10 updated software introduces the Tesla Theater for playing back videos on a large center display which comes with an Easter egg which is first spotted by Model 3 owner Iwan Eberhart.

A Swiss driver named his car “The Rabbit of Caerbannog” which he got from one of the Holy Grail's best gags. Simply select Monty Python from the Tesla Theater, then be redirected to a YouTube channel that is dedicated to the famous comedy troupe. By the way, Musk is a huge fan!

Electrek was digging through the source code of the latest Tesla Android app and discovered a “Coconut” sound, an MP3 File.