Texan Retiree Provides Sagely Advice for Fellow Seniors

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As a senior citizen, it probably has not escaped our attention that life can be quite tough in your later years.

It’s a problem that we all need to contend with one day, however. With that in mind, you might find that your first problem to deal with is finding suitable care to look after yourself with. To do that, though, you need to know where to start. Expenses for care can be astronomical and often can make life quite tough for you.

However, one Texan retiree, Terry Robinson, has a fine piece of advice for you: don’t buy into a nursing home. Terry has instead got the plan of going to live in a Holiday Inn instead.

With smart planning and numerous discounts for seniors, he could use the Holiday Inn as a nursing home instead. For many seniors, the idea of going into a nursing home is one that makes them wince. The fear of seeing all of their savings used up and the potential for a poor, or lesser, quality of life, is always there.

Some worry about being left behind and paying a huge sum of money for the ‘privilege’ of this happening to them. If you worry that you could wind up in a similar situation, then you might find

the zany idea that Mr. Robinson has come up with quite an appealing one!


The reasons are actually pretty logical.

With the fact that most of them provide free amenities for things like shampoo, soap and even breakfast, you can make life pretty affordable. They also come with a lot of good indoor activities, such as fitness centers and even swimming pools. 

They are normally very secure, too, making sure that you can enjoy yourself without having to always look over your shoulder.

You’ll be treated like a person and a customer, not a patient. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of seniors might like this: the respect. You won’t be spoken to like you are doddering

through your golden years. You’ll get to meet a lot of people, you’ll find the staff far more pleasant to you and, generally, you’ll get to enjoy a much easier standard of life.

So, how is this actually affordable? Well, on average, you could be paying as much as $188 per evening to stay in a nursing home. That’s horrendously expensive. For a Holiday Inn, though, you’ll

be around $60 per night.

Taking into account the fact you’ll pay for some of your own things, you could be getting the best part of two – even three if you are frugal – nights worth of staying time for a single evening in a nursing home!

Nursing homes do the best that they can, and the staff are more often than not wonderful, caring and kind people.

However, for some families, it’s just not affordable. Using establishments such as a Holiday Inn, though, could just offer the alternative that you need for something a little more spectacular without feeling like you’re selling off your independence.