The Largest Garage Ever Built For Bikes

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To many of us, that might sound a little bizarre but in reality, more than one-third of the population in the Netherlands use bikes as their main form of transportation every single day. 

This “Ginormous” parking garage was recently constructed by the firm of Ector Hoogstad Architects. The huge three-story bike garage is located underneath the Utrecht Central Station. As a matter of fact, this area of Utrecht is currently under a complete makeover to make the city more viable.

During the 60s and 70s, the area around the Utrecht Station was upgraded and is still in the process of becoming modernized. The station itself had undergone an upgrading for a more car-friendly experience but is now doing quite the opposite for the area underneath the station. 

There has been an enormous rise in popularity for bikes possibly from the continued concern about climate changes and the environment. Therefore, more people are riding bikes than ever before in the Netherlands.

This has started a whole new concern for upgrades and modifying transportation hubs with a lot of amenities for cyclists. What was once a modern building that connected the railway station to the adjacent shopping mall has been dismantled. 

 This has opened up space to develop a pedestrian street and square along with their new bike garage.

All Underground 

The three-story bike garage is located underneath the square and designed for convenience, safety, and speed. It's perfectly designed so cyclists can pedal all the way to their parking slot. 

The parking lanes branch off the paths to make sure that users do not get in the way of the cyclists who are passing through.

There is plenty of room for mounting and dismounting along the side of the cycling lanes. There are gentle sloping ramps connecting to the parking area on different levels. 

 The walls have been color-coded to indicate the routing and electronic signals letting users know where the free parking slots are located.

Another added benefit for cyclists, there are other facilities including a bike repair shop, a bike rental outlet, and several floor managers to assist users.

There are stairwells and tunnels that directly connect to the elevated square, the main terminal, and the platforms. The stairwells are situated inside the atrium covered with glass roofs to bring in daylight. Large windows along the outer walls allow users to see the platforms and bus terminal easily.

There are many raw surfaces made from concrete, steel, and wood for a cleaner, more modern look to the garage. So much attention was given to this garage, you'd think you were in a high-end parking garage for cars in the United States.