The Real Iran: Life Beyond The Veil

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While most people conjure up images of veils, mosque, desserts, and women donning hijabs, they'd be surprised to know that the Middle Eastern nation actually shares a number of similarities with the Western World.

With historical sites, tales of ancient folklore, cuisine to whet anyone's appetite, and unique customs of behavior, Iran is a nation where east and west meet in the most unexpected of ways.

The Government Pays For Your Wedding

Weddings cost a fortune in many places around the world, and Iran is no exception. Due to the high cost of weddings, some in Iran began choosing not to marry.

In response, the Iranian government set up an annual fund of $720 million to reduce and cover the cost of spouses-to-be if they choose to have a traditional Iranian wedding. Couples also need to attend an hour-long lecture on contraception in order to get a marriage license in Iran.

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