There is an Increase on Production of the iPhone 11

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As usual, Apple products are still one of the most demanded on the market and their iPhones lead the pack. 

According to sources, It's not surprising that Apple has asked its suppliers to increase the production of the iPhone 11 due to increased supply and demand by consumers.

Apple raised its order by 10% or 8 million units.

According to reports, it's indicated suppliers are preparing to increase their production of the iPhone11.

It seems half of the production comes from the iPhone11 and the other half from the iPhone11 Pro/Pro Max. It's believed the new phones could exceed the 78 million to 80 million mark during the launch period with another 10 million to exceed those numbers.

It seems Apple received some trade relief when the U.S Trade Representative's office said the tariffs were set to hit $300 billion worth of goods made in China, including the iPhone, but then delayed from September to December. 

This will allow holiday shoppers more time to buy phones before the tariff kicks in from 10% to 15%.

Despite Apple appearing as the post child for the current U.S/China trade conflicts, Apple is seeing strong demand for the iPhone11, defying many skeptics that have been screaming fire in a crowded room.

Apple will report its fourth-quarter results on Oct. 30. Shares were up by 40% this year and were even higher in premarket stock trading.

It's expected Apple will continue to rank in very high in their fourth-quarter results and shares are expected to hit another all-time high!