These Are The 5 Best International Airports

Airports are often the first place travelers see in a country. Some airports are all about the shopping experience, others bet on offering ultimate luxury travel, and then there are the airports that like to boast new technologies and innovation. Here are 5 of the world’s most prominent airports worth passing through.

Photo: Pascal Meier/Unsplash

Hong Kong International Airport

This airport has won the World Airport Awards more than once, and for good reason. It also carries the Best Airport Dining and Best Airport Immigration Service awards for the year 2019. Hong Kong International operates flights to nearly 180 destinations worldwide that belong to over 100 airlines.

Singapore Changi Airport

With over 5,000 departures and arrivals every week, operated by 80 airlines, the Changi Airport is one of the best Asian airports. It offers world-class shopping, a wide variety of cuisine, both local and global, and attractions you can’t see anywhere else. There is a Heritage Zone, an arrival garden, a butterfly garden, and much more.

Tokyo Haneda International Airport

Formerly awarded as the world’s cleanest airport, Haneda is an important access point for most travelers. The airport operates both international and domestic flights, and you will find delicious food options at each terminal.

Photo: Brady Corps/Unsplash

Zurich Airport

This is the largest airport in Switzerland. You can enjoy a variety of things to do, from the Flight Simulations at Sim Academy, to tracking the path of a suitcase and enjoying a day out with your family through Observation Deck B, biking through the barbecue points, and enjoying a tasty meal.

Doha Hamad

Hamad Airport in Qatar is often described as the world’s most architecturally significant terminal complex. It is a hub of luxury that has something for every traveler. There are art exhibitions, lounges, spa and wellness spots, international and local cuisine, and world-class shopping brands. The Vitality Wellbeing & Fitness Center offers a gym, squash courts, an indoor swimming pool, and a hydrotherapy tub for those with long layovers.