These Items Are Surprisingly Not Allowed In Your Carry-On

Even though policies are constantly changing, most frequent-fliers are up to date on what can or can not be brought onto a flight when it comes to hand luggage. But there are some random items that you might not be aware of that you can’t bring on flights within the United States. Here are some of them, and we bet you’ll be just as surprised as we are!

Photo: Marissa Grootes/Unsplash

Gel Insoles

We've all had to take off our shoes going through security at one point or another. But have you ever considered the insoles you may have in your shoes? In recent years, any gel insoles exceeding the 3.4-ounce weight limit could be confiscated! So if your insoles are important to you, consider taking them out before heading to the airport.

Protein Powder

In June 2018, a law was passed that powdered substances like protein powder, spices, and coffee must be limited to no more than 12 ounces. If you’re intending to carry these items with you, you will have to put them in little sachets instead of larger boxes and containers.

Photo: Freddy G/Unsplash

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Though most foods are fine to bring along on board, substances like peanut butter and jams are considered liquid. That being said, you may still be able to get these spreads and others on board if they are in a container that is less than 100ml! 

Snow Globes

Whether you collect them yourself or want to bring back a souvenir– snow globes are always a fun item. Considering they’re fragile objects, you’ll probably want to bring them on board with you. Well, you’ll have to wrap it up and hope for the best as the liquid in most snow globes exceeds the maximum of 100ml!