This Start-Up is Making Waves in its Bid to Change Regional Travel

David Sunde founded Landline last year, operating an expanding bus network in the Midwest in order to connect minor cities that are more isolated with major metropolitan hubs. 

As regional flights become more expensive for both airlines and consumers, the company has been doing extraordinarily well for a start-up. Apparently, it secured a $3.85 million investment led by Los Angeles-based Upfront Ventures.

Landline began by connecting Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport with the two isolated cities Duluth and Mankato this past June. In the future, they plan to connect six more such cities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

They’ve also partnered with Sun Country Airlines which means that in November, Landline bus routes will operate in conjunction with Sun Country. As part of their itinerary, customers can book a bus between the airport and any Landline destination. 

The two companies will even work together to take care of displaced passengers. "Unforeseen circumstances can delay road or air travel," Landline's website reads. "Should this occur, you will automatically be rebooked on the next available Landline or flight."

Door to Door Service

To get from Duluth to Minneapolis or vice versa costs as low as $5 each way while at peak times, the cost starts at $9. Customers are allowed a full-size bag, carry-on, and personal item for free. 

What’s even more, the baggage will be checked at the bus stop and returned to customers at their final destination, allowing customers to skip out on the hassle of the airport baggage check.

Such bus-to-flight connections are common in Europe, German’s airline Lufthansa holding one of the strongest networks, but there is only one other such business here in the States besides Landline – United’s bus service between Allentown, PA and Newark, NJ.