Time to Live a Healthier Life? Samsung's New Smartwatch Has got Your Back

Many of us are enjoying a well-deserved vacation during the summer months, where good food and relaxation are what it's all about. But soon it is time to build up healthy routines again, such as exercising. With the latest launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 on your wrist, you don't have to take on this challenge alone!

Photo: @TheGalox_/Twitter

Boost your motivation

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 gives you insight into where you stand physically and helps you set up a training schedule that suits you perfectly. The progress you make becomes visible because the watch continuously tracks your performance and health. This gives a boost to motivation and perseverance.

The smartwatch has the technology Bio Electrical Analysis (BIA), which provides insight into the state of your body by measuring muscle mass, fat mass, and body fluids. With this information, it becomes easier to determine what kind of training you need and whether you should perhaps change your eating habits to become as fit as possible. In addition, the smartwatch also analyzes the quality of your sleep by measuring the oxygen level in your blood and listening to whether any snoring is causing a restless night.

Photo: @Coolsten/Unsplash

Never get lost on a walk again

You can always rely on the watch. The latest model in the Samsung Galaxy Watch series has an even better battery than its predecessors and lasts up to eighty hours on a full battery. Is it empty? With Wireless Fast Charging you can charge the smartwatch almost completely in 45 minutes. The smartwatch also has an integrated GPS. So you can go on a long bike ride or a day hike in the countryside without fear of getting lost.

Find your Buds with a smartwatch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 is also a suitable gadget for people who sometimes lose things. Don't remember where you left your Buds? You can find out the exact location on the watch and even request directions to your destination.