Tripadvisor Anoints the Best ‘Hidden Gem’ Restaurant in the World

As one of the most well-regarded travel assistant websites in the world, Tripadvisor is used for all kinds of insights. People turn to it for things like finding a nice little meal they might not look for, or looking for things to do when traveling. Tripadvisor, though, is also famous for its recommendations and awards. For example, they recently anointed a business as the ‘best-hidden gem restaurant’ in the world!

That is quite the accolade, so where was able to pick up this incredible award from the well-regarded travel gurus?

The place that was picked was Green Point. This is based in Cusco, Peru, so you will need to go pretty far to find this little hidden gem on your travel log. If you are heading to South America and you love unique culinary tastes, though, it would be remiss of you not to come here and see what is on offer at this incredible food venue.

According to the reviews and the award, the food here is borderline addictive. The food is so stunning, and the area so welcoming, that you will feel like you are relaxing at home in the comfort of your property. The list was a major success, though, with other hidden gems nearly winning out.

Another choice that came close to winning it, for example, was the Taberna el Sur in Madrid. If you ever find yourself in the Spanish capital, you owe it to yourself to come and check out this awesome little dining spot. Similarly, well-rated venues include the La Locanda Gesu Vecchio in Naples, Italy, and the Tierra Roja Restaurant in Chia, Colombia.

So, as you can see, you have quite a few hidden gems to look out for when you are building your food-based itinerary. According to Tripadvisor, though, there is one winner – and it is based in a quiet little spot in humble Peru.