Tyler Perry Pays Off Layaway For Walmart Customers

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A lot of us move around with a misconception about celebrities, and often times, we think that we would do a better job of spending their money if it were ours. Because these celebrities are very rich, we expect too much from them.

Most times, these celebrities and other people with vast wealth go out of their way to make donations silently, without any fuss. Yet, we often imagine a time where we can visit a mall and shop all we want for free, with our bill totally taken care of by someone else. And if this “someone” is our special celebrity, the feeling is complete.

Though this may not be exactly the same as we imagined it, it came really close. Tyler Perry, one of America’s choicest director and comedian, who is best remembered for the Madea series of movies which he featured in, dressed as an old woman named Madea.

However, he would probably have a permanent place in the hearts of the customers of an Atlanta Walmart, after he showed how generous he was by paying for people’s items.


In the world of movie production, Tyler Perry is a household name. He’s a director and filmmaker that is wealthy without a doubt. His movies have recorded lots of success, particularly the Madea series of movies which has been there for several decades.

Regardless of how much he has made for himself, there’s no rule that states how generous he needs to be or how many lives he needs to touch. However, Perry took to his Instagram in a recent video to tell us how he covered the costs for customers’ layaway items at a Walmart around Atlanta.

Though some people feel like you should make donations quietly, but due to the presence of social media, this is becoming more difficult by the day. Also, it’s very likely that other people will draw inspiration from this act of kindness and make donations, however small it is.

A lot of people reacted positively to this act of kindness, and considering the season, we’re sure that it meant a great deal to a lot of people, and has helped put a smile on many faces this Christmas.

A $400,000 SURPRISE

Covering the full cost of an entire Walmart’s layaway is no mean feat. The entire thing was worth over $400,000, which covered the cost of 1,500 shoppers, and Tyler Perry paid it off. 

Pretty decent Christmas surprise! Though this didn’t favor people that didn’t put anything on layaway this year, it’ll mean a lot to the people that did, thanks to Tyler Perry.

Perry took to social media not only to give himself props for such a wonderful act, he just used it as a way of informing people to pick their items up. Perry said that the only requirement was to visit the Walmart not later that 9:30 am on Thursday, pay one penny and then pick up their items.

According to the Walmart Director of Media Relations, LeMia Jenkins, Perry spent exactly $434,000 for this.


Perry’s Instagram message went thus “I know it’s hard times and a lot of people are struggling. I’m just really really grateful to be able to be in a situation to do this. So God bless you. Go get your stuff.” You can still find the post on Perry’s Instagram handle, @TylerPerry.

LeMia Jenkins told TODAY that the effects of Perry’s generosity was felt by many families and has made a world of difference in their lives this season. He also said how delighted, happy, and thankful the customers were because of this holiday gift. To him, this was very heartwarming.

Perry is not alone in this. Not long ago, the owner of the Saints paid off layaways at Walmart which cost above $100,000.