45 Signs To Make Your Pet's Vet Visit Enjoyable For Both Of You

Taking pets to the vet can be a scary experience for owners, as pets often share our fear of doctors. But one vet clinic in Westminster, Maryland has found a way to make the experience more enjoyable for humans. The Carroll County Veterinary Clinic posts funny signs outside their headquarters and updates their Instagram regularly with witty signs for the week. Although pets can't read, these signs make the trip to the vet more light-hearted for their owners. 

Check out some of their most hilarious signs to date!

A Philosophical Question

When it comes to temper tantrums, one particular dog breed has gained notoriety for potentially throwing the most tantrums per minute - the Chihuahua. Although there is no exact science behind it, those who have encountered Chihuahuas can relate to their sometimes feisty behavior.

The classic philosophical thought experiment wonders if a tree falling in a forest makes a sound when no one is there to hear it. Interestingly, the Carroll County Clinic conducted research and found that Chihuahuas can apparently hear trees falling from miles away!


Pets are often viewed as beloved family members, even as "fur babies" by many. As a wise person once said, they have become the new babies for millennials and Gen Z, who are experiencing parenthood at a later age due to various reasons. Despite the economic challenges, it's important to cherish and appreciate our furry companions.

The sign manager at Carroll County Clinic believes that Dog is too small of a word for something that occupies a significant space in your heart. This sentiment is likely shared by all dog owners who visit their clinic. Indeed, there's no denying the special place our furry friends hold in our hearts.

Understanding Shampoo Malfunctions and How to Prevent Them

We've all experienced bathroom mishaps. Running out of body wash mid-shower is undoubtedly one of the worst. You may try to add water to stretch it a bit further, or consider other options...

If you accidentally use your dog's shampoo, the side effects may include feeling like a "good boy" or "good girl," which might not be too bad depending on your preferences. It's certainly better than barking instead of talking or, even worse, licking your friends!

Understanding The Circle Of Life Concept

While some of Carroll County Clinic's posts may not be pet-related, they remain relatable. For instance, one post proposed a theory about the way household items circulate in nature. It's a concept that seems plausible enough. For example, could a sock ultimately become a box? What are your thoughts on this?

We've all experienced the mystery of lost socks in the washer or dryer. Did it disappear on the way to the laundry room? Is this the price we pay for not washing clothes manually, like in the old days? Carroll County Clinic has its own theory about this common phenomenon.

That Hurts

Although not pet-related, this post is still relatable. The year 2020 was a challenging one for everyone, and while some claim on social media that their lives remain unchanged, most of us can agree that it's not entirely true!

The staff at Carroll County Clinic can also relate to the difficulties of 2020. As they put it, "If 2020 was a drink, it would be a colonoscopy prep." While the drink before a colonoscopy may not be as bad as the procedure itself, both are known for being less than enjoyable - much like the year 2020.


Moving on to the pet-related signs! This one isn't just related to pets, but it's also relevant to the clinic's job. Feedback is crucial in any industry, and in the veterinary business, the saying "the customer is always right" certainly applies!

Since the primary customers of the clinic are dogs and not humans, it's crucial for their business that dogs like them more than anyone else. This may leave cats and other pets feeling a bit left out!

Seems Credible

Let's get back to the relatable non-pet content! Although we're certain that pets would agree with this one if they could speak. We've all had the experience of eating something and regretting it instantly. Is there anything worse than consuming food that makes you want to return it to its source?

We couldn't agree more with this sign, even though it's unrelated to pets. It's another brilliant creation by the Carroll County Clinic, and while we're not sure who came up with this idea first, it doesn't matter! It's high time someone invents a calorie refund system.

Everyone Is a Critic

Dogs are generally known for their non-picky eating habits. However, when they do happen to be selective with their food choices, it can lead to some amusing situations.

A sign was posted by Carroll County clinic which read, "My dog will eat anything until a pill is put in it, then he's Gordon Ramsey." This situation is relatable to all dog owners, with the hope that the dog doesn't possess the temper of the famous British chef!


We all carry emotional baggage, but it seems like someone at the Carroll County clinic was struggling with seasonal depression at the time of creating this sign. Considering the state of the trees in the background, this sentiment is most likely justified.

The sign reads: "I told my suitcases: no vacation this year. Now I'm dealing with emotional baggage." It's unclear whether this is an expression of seasonal depression or a moment of introspection for an employee struggling to find a work-life balance, especially during the darker months. Regardless, we hope that they're doing okay!

Early Risers Gain An Advantage Or More Success By Taking Action Before Others

The saying "the early bird gets the worm" inspired someone at Carroll County Clinic, but they had an issue with a specific early bird, and it wasn't about the worm! Keep scrolling to find out what was on their mind.

It's unclear if a specific rooster provoked this jealousy or if they're envious of roosters' ability to crow in the morning in general. Either way, to each their own. Perhaps screaming wouldn't be such a bad morning ritual after all.


Based on the surroundings, it appears that seasonal depression is not the cause here. However, it is evident that one staff member at the clinic did not have adequate sleep the previous night before displaying this sign to the public. Alternatively, it's plausible that they had an unpleasant interaction with an irritable pet.

...who didn't have enough time to take a nap during the day! This is a variation of the phrase "If you love someone, let them go," but in this case, allowing someone to take a nap would be a less extreme version of it since napping is temporary.

Ebony cat

At some point, black cats acquired a negative reputation. Across numerous cultures, encountering a black cat on your path is believed to be a sign of impending misfortune. Although there are several speculations surrounding this superstition, it has unfortunately led to discrimination against black cats.

It is pleasing to see that the Carroll County clinic is combatting this superstition and rectifying the misconceptions surrounding these often-misunderstood creatures! Cats have their own agendas and priorities to attend to. It's not like they pay much attention to us humans anyway - let's be realistic!


The previous year was difficult for everyone. The continual bombardment of negative news can take a toll on one's mental and emotional well-being. It can be a challenge to discover sources of joy and pastimes that lift your spirits - those little things that provide a momentary sense of comfort.

Pets can be a great source of comfort and joy during difficult times! Any pet owner can attest to the fact that their furry companion is undoubtedly the most adorable and amazing one around. Spending time with pets is a quick and effective way to boost serotonin levels, and as individuals who have dedicated their lives to promoting health, the staff at Carrol County Clinic would surely recognize this fact.


You're probably familiar with the classic theory and the subsequent meme that divides the world into two types of people - those who pour their cereal before the milk and those who pour their milk before the cereal. Similarly, there are individuals who prefer to put ketchup directly on their McDonald's fries and others who prefer to have the ketchup on the side.

The same dichotomy can also be applied to running - people either love it or hate it. While some individuals find running to be a thrilling and enjoyable activity, others view it as a daunting and unpleasant experience. It seems that the staff at Carroll County Clinic fall into the latter category.

Nuggets Of Information

If you have ever contemplated getting a pet, then you have probably given some thought to which type of pet would be most suitable for you. As you are currently reading this, we can assume that you are a human being rather than a robot and are thus familiar with the fundamentals of pet ownership!

No offense intended towards robots, as by now, they too should be aware of the fundamentals of pet ownership. Nevertheless, it's another classic case of dividing people into two categories. When it comes to cats, they simply do not like being told what to do - they follow their own agenda and play by their own set of rules.


Regarding cats' tendency to do as they please, those who own these quirky creatures often find themselves fascinated by their antics. This is the reason why people can generally be classified into two groups: dog people and cat people. The former may not be as enamored.

Conversely, those in the latter group would go to great lengths to defend these strong-willed animals! Cats can be notoriously difficult to train, and if you do not appreciate their unpredictable nature, then they may not be the ideal pet for you unless you appreciate the artistry behind their unique temperament.

Lost and Recovered

Aging brings with it certain benefits, but also comes with some drawbacks. While you may gain some things along the way, you may also lose a few things in the process. In the case of one Carrol County Clinic employee, they have only one regret - they have lost something in the course of aging that they now wish to retrieve.

As we age, our metabolism tends to slow down - this is a widely accepted fact of life. Gone are the days of indulging in late-night food binges that could easily be offset by taking a few walks around the campus, or burning off last night's dinner with a quick 10-minute run on the treadmill.

Gems vs. dogs

It's yet another classic debate that divides people into two distinct groups! On one hand, you have the first-ever domesticated animal - the ultimate companion, and on the other hand, you have one of the most valuable and costly rocks - diamonds!

In your opinion, who comes out on top? We would choose dogs over diamonds, but everyone has their own preferences. Interestingly enough, the person who famously declared that "diamonds are a girl's best friend" - Marilyn Monroe - was a dog lover and owned several dogs throughout her life.


Did the Carroll County clinic consult the Ghostbusters team for a fact check before displaying this sign? It's possible that they could have benefited from the knowledge of this revolutionary finding, especially considering that jellyfish are far easier to locate.

What is your take on this? Do you believe that jellyfish are essentially damp ghosts? Is this the professional stance of the Carroll County clinic regarding a species from the animal kingdom? It appears somewhat far-fetched. However, hiding in plain sight could be an effective strategy if you happen to be a legendary creature.

Deliberate Pun

For those who missed out on the excitement, The Black Eyed Peas were once a massively popular band. Regrettably, they disbanded around 2010, leaving us with numerous hit songs that have stood the test of time.

The Black Eyed Peas have also become a source of puns for this clinic! Is it possible that this was an elaborate scheme to reunite the band? Attend vet school, create a viral clinic, and finally, bring The Black Eyed Peas back together with witty hummus puns.

Repayment, Please

Let's take a trip back to the year 2020, a year that was undoubtedly unique in many ways. Frankly, we agree with the Carroll County clinic's sentiment that there should be some form of reimbursement for the effects of aging, especially given the unprecedented circumstances we all faced. Can we get a receipt for this transaction, please?

It's common for unused items to be eligible for a refund policy, but an entire year is a considerably lengthy time frame to warrant a refund, even with a valid receipt. Nevertheless, it's an intriguing idea, and we commend the Carroll County Clinic for proposing it. If you happen to be reading this, Carroll County Clinic, kindly update us if you've discovered a way to implement such a policy.


While pets offer numerous advantages, particularly for mental health, they also come with some drawbacks. If you're considering getting a pet, it's likely that you'll need to increase your cleaning efforts. Purchasing a Roomba may not be the worst idea to help with this.

The phrase "Home is where the dog hair sticks to everything but the dog" seems to unfairly target dogs. In reality, cats are also notorious for shedding their fur and leaving it all over the place. They may even roll around in their shed fur and consume it.

Unique Audience Content

Occasionally, the Carroll County Clinic has valuable insights to offer their customers, even if some of them may not be literate. Although, we hope that this situation doesn't occur too frequently in real life - it's a rather unsettling notion!

The advice of "if you are being pursued by a group of taxidermists, do not play dead" may not appear to be practical guidance for everyday issues. Nonetheless, if you do happen to encounter such a situation, you've now been alerted to the fact that playing dead will not aid your escape.


Previously, we touched upon the concept of two distinct groups of individuals - dog people and cat people. Although it is customary for a veterinary clinic to maintain a neutral stance on the matter, it's safe to assume that there may be considerable disagreement regarding which pet is superior, particularly online.

The statement, "If it barks or purrs, it is 100 percent good and reliable," implies that both dogs and cats are equally dependable and favorable. While there may be individuals who remain impartial in the cats versus dogs debate, many of these individuals hold a profound love and appreciation for all animals, which might even lead them to consider attending vet school themselves.


Experiencing sadness can be a real downer. It can be challenging to shake off the overpowering feelings, but a good dose of humor often does the trick. The sign maker at the Carroll County Clinic seems to have mastered the art of humor, as evidenced by the humorous wisdom they imparted to the public.

The Carroll County Clinic's sign maker once shared a humorous yet wise piece of advice: Don't be sad, because sad backward is das and das no good. While the message is crystal clear - being sad is not beneficial - the comical reference to the word spelled backward adds a touch of levity. Overall, it's practical advice that's far more applicable in real-life scenarios than learning how to evade taxidermists!

I'm Pondering

The topic of discussion revolves around the interesting duality between exercise and consuming delicious food that can potentially require physical activity to digest. It seems that someone at the clinic has made an amusing observation regarding the similarity between the words exercise and extra fries.

The words extra fries and exercise bear a striking resemblance when spoken quickly. Nonetheless, requesting additional fries from a fast-food establishment is unlikely to result in a serving of physical activity. If such an event has occurred, please do inform us, as it would be a novel approach to incorporate exercise into one's fast-food experience.

Ah, Those Playful kitties!

As previously stated, cats possess an independent spirit. Unlike dogs, they are often more cautious and selective when it comes to trusting humans and decide on their own terms when to seek companionship. To be honest, it's quite understandable. We all know someone we'd prefer to keep at arm's length!

I once had the audacity to tell my cat that he wasn't the boss of me. He promptly disagreed. Honestly, who were you kidding when you challenged the supreme ruler of his own domain? We're not at all surprised by his swift and categorical rebuttal.

Physical Activity

It appears that someone at the Carroll County clinic is struggling to find the motivation to exercise. We understand the struggle, as it can be challenging to find the drive to get moving. However, we hope that dwelling on it doesn't drain too much of their energy.

This vet at Carroll County clinic has made a clever observation about exercising. It can be tough to motivate oneself, but looking at it as a way to “get strong at hugging” might make it more appealing. This sign is one in a series of many that promote the joy of exercising.


Offering an apology can be quite challenging if you don't even know what you did wrong. For cats, saying sorry might be even more complicated. As they consider humans their loyal servants, why would they feel the need to apologize to their underlings? It doesn't make any sense. Those are just petty human norms that don't apply to feline rulers.

Cats are not known for being the most apologetic animals. In fact, it's unlikely you'll ever hear a cat say We're sorry. As independent creatures, they don't see themselves as subservient to humans and don't feel the need to apologize. The closest they might get is bringing you a gift, but even that's because they feel sorry for your lack of hunting skills, according to pet psychologists.

Polly Desires A Biscuit

 It's often difficult to determine who was the originator of a particular idea or discovery. After all, the names of the person who invented the wheel, discovered fire, or placed the first morsel of food over it have been lost to history.

 It's hard to imagine what the first person to hear a parrot talk must have gone through. They were probably left in a state of shock for several days! It must have been a strange and unforgettable experience, one that would have left them wondering if they were going crazy.


We all have our moments of clumsiness. On a bad day, it can feel like adding insult to injury! For those who can relate, this sign at Carroll County Clinic is particularly relatable.

I perform all my stunts unintentionally  This humorous sign resonates with those who have experienced clumsy moments. It's a creative way to describe those moments as stunts, even if they are not intentional.

Dog Against Doorbell

Among those who live with dogs, it is widely acknowledged that their furry companions go wild when someone comes to the door. However, it's not clear whether it's the sound of the doorbell or the approaching footsteps that trigger their excitement.

At the Carroll County Clinic, they hold the belief that the inventor of the doorbell did not have a furry friend. This implies that they think the sound of the doorbell is what triggers dogs to bark. Nonetheless, we've observed some dogs go into a frenzy of barking simply at the sight of their own shadow!


The world of birds has inspired several sayings such as early bird and night owl, and some people have come up with a third type called the permanently exhausted pigeon. Perhaps this is what the Carroll County Clinic had in mind when creating their sign.

 According to the sign at the Carroll County Clinic, one can be both a night owl and an early bird if their sleep schedule is messed up enough. It seems like a fitting category for the permanently exhausted pigeon, rather than the traditional sayings inspired by birds. Which category do you think you belong to?


2020 was such an unprecedented year that it's still a topic of conversation. This sign at the Carroll County Clinic is just one of the many signs that express dissatisfaction with the previous year, and we can't help but relate.

It's difficult to feel optimistic about the upcoming years after the rollercoaster ride that was 2020. While most of us mindlessly click agree on terms and conditions without reading them, it would be comforting to have someone else to hold accountable.


Another sign in the series at the Carroll County Clinic addresses the mental and physical toll of the ongoing pandemic. The sign's message reflects the employer's contemplation of whether it's scarier to take one's temperature at this point.

The Carroll County Clinic has a sign that poses a question about what's scarier: taking your temperature or weighing yourself. A commenter strongly believes that weighing oneself is scarier since it's harder to lose weight than to get vaccinated.

Witty Remark Intended

Who knew that veterinary clinics catered to bees too? This clinic seems to have a great sense of humor about the animal kingdom, even extending it to insects! It's impressive to think about the wide range of creatures they must treat.

The Carroll County Clinic has come up with another witty animal kingdom joke. This time, it's about bees - not exactly regular visitors at the vet clinic, but surely they have their own doctors. The sign poses an interesting question, "Do bees have a house 'swarming' party when they move into a new hive?" It's a clever play on words that might make you wonder about the social lives of these fascinating creatures. If you know a beekeeper or a bee enthusiast, consider sharing this joke with them and make their day a little brighter.

Never Lose Hope

 Maintaining a positive mindset is essential to achieve success. It is crucial to have faith in oneself to excel in any endeavor. However, self-confidence is a constant effort. Despite your best efforts, there may be obstacles along the way, and those around you might have different expectations for your day.

The woman's strong sense of self-belief and motivation were momentarily derailed by her feline companion. The cat had claimed the woman's lap as its resting spot for the day, causing the woman to lose all drive to get up and go about her day.


 It's common to have peculiar and random thoughts when we get a moment to ourselves in the bathroom or shower. In fact, there's even a Twitter account that shares these shower thoughts. Perhaps someone has taken inspiration from this and is using the Carroll County Clinic board to share their own musings?

The most recent addition to the collection of signs reads, I would never be bored again if my ceiling fan could hold my weight. Although the idea of a ceiling fan that can support an adult's weight is unrealistic, it might be an interesting entrepreneurial concept.

Punny Jokes

Continuing with the topic of musings that come to mind while in the shower, here's another message displayed at the Carroll County Clinic. It's possible that this particular message could fit into the same category as the tweets shared by Jaden Smith over the past ten years. Who knows, perhaps the clinic was even inspired by his tweets or a similar Twitter account!

The sign inquires, Do other plants photosympathize with a sad plant? Upon further reflection, it appears that this sign could also fit under the category of dad jokes. It's up for debate whether Jaden Smith, Shower Thoughts, or Dad Jokes inspired the clinic to come up with this one.

Bathroom Musings

The ongoing debate continues! Is it Jaden Smith, Shower Thoughts, or a dad unleashing their corny jokes on the entire community, not just their offspring? Well, if you've ever pondered the distinction between tacos and nachos, the Carroll County Clinic has a response for you.

The Carroll County veterinary clinic's response to the difference between tacos and nachos is, Nachos are simply tacos going through an awkward phase. We hope this statement doesn't offend any nacho lovers or dogs named Nacho out there. However, tacos seem to have come out of this comparison unscathed.

Fresh Expression

The employees at Carroll County Clinic have not only displayed their comedic talents but have also created a new word, or at least introduced it on their signboard. See for yourself below.

The clinic's sign states, Procaffeinating: the act of putting off tasks until one has had enough coffee, which seems to be a term coined by the clinic's employees. Interestingly, the term is already listed in the Urban Dictionary since 2014, and we wonder who came up with it.

Sarcasm Intended

Carroll County Clinic is back to their animal puns after offending nachos and inventing words. They don't shy away from anything! Do you know what a rabbit with fleas is called? Well, the clinic has a clever answer for you!

The Carroll County Clinic has come up with another animal pun, revealing that a rabbit with fleas is called Bugs Bunny. While it's a clever play on words, one can't help but wonder if Warner Brothers, the company that owns the famous cartoon character, will take issue with it. It's possible that Bugs Bunny himself may not appreciate the joke and may want to hire a new public relations manager!

Clever Quip Intended

 The dad jokes are making a comeback! This particular joke seems like the kind your uncle would tell at the dinner table repeatedly. Perhaps someone at the Carroll County Clinic picked it up during their time in medical school or heard it from their own dad or uncle!

he sign poses the question, "What kind of Dr. is Dr. Pepper? followed by the answer, A FIZZICIAN. Over the years, many have questioned Dr. Pepper's credentials, but a quick Google search will confirm that he is indeed a physician.

Lame Jokes

Carroll County Clinic employees seem to be aware of their reputation for dad jokes. In fact, they've admitted that at least one of their signs is indeed a dad joke! Despite this, the signs still manage to garner laughs from both pet owners and pet babies alike.

The Carroll County Clinic poses an interesting question on their sign: At what point does a joke become a dad joke? The answer is simple - when the punchline is apparent! But despite their self-awareness of their dad joke tendencies, pet-parents still flock to read their signs. While dad jokes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they seem to be working here.

Irony Intended

We have arrived at the final witty sign from the veterinary clinic. If you're addicted to their signage, you can find more on their Instagram page. But alas, it's time to conclude the article with one last timeless pet pun.

After witnessing all the witty signs, it wouldn't be shocking if someone from the Carroll County Clinic initiated a legitimate dating platform for chickens. But alas, it's only a setup for the pun, "to make hens meet.It's safe to say that animal puns are truly unbeatable!