We Are The Happiest At This Age, According To Science

We all think that our youth is the best time of our lives. But thanks to science this theory has been proved to be false! According to a London School of Economics and Political Sciences study, you're happiest at the ages 23 and 69. Twenty-three thousand adults between the ages of 17 to 85 were surveyed on their levels of happiness. These were the two ages at which happiness peaked.

Study shows that the more mature you are, the more self-assured and content you become. People in their 60s are happier and, according to a recent study, they have more self-confidence than people in their younger years. Another study found that younger participants were more likely to describe happiness when they felt elated or ecstatic. Those who were older described feeling happy when they were calm and untroubled, which is more about being content with the present. According to the study’s authors, this change comes with a higher sense of connection to the present moment and people around you as you age. This research was conducted over a significant period. Researchers asked their participants to predict how happy they expected to feel in five years — and then they had them take the survey again five years later. It was published that the average level of happiness among participants took place on a U-curve, with ages 23 and 69 on either side.

It does seem appropriate to imagine that we would be feeling happier, considering what’s generally taking place in our lives at this time. Around the age of 23, you’re fresh out of college, bright-eyed and hopeful. You are about to take off on what you’re anticipating will be a promising future. On the other side, when you’re 69, you’re probably recently retired, enjoying going to bed early, and doing exactly what you want. Sounds like a dream to us!