Which Country has the Best Wine?

Is it actually possible to determine objectively which country produces the best wine?

When it comes to wine, there is no way around France. Not only because the country still produces a large portion of the wine that is drunk annually. No, also because the country is, so to speak, the cradle of wine production.

In fact, many of the grapes used worldwide today have their origins in France. The red wine Merlot is made from Merlot grapes, and these were originally found only in France. Today, however, that is different. The grapes are spread all over the world, and Merlot wine is made in many countries today. However, its base is always in France, so even when you think a South American Merlot wine is the best, it always has a connection to this country. Although it is virtually impossible to pinpoint a wine that is the very best in the entire world, there is no denying that nine times out of 10, France is involved in one way or another.

New wine countries are emerging all the time

Actually, it is not only impossible but also fairly useless to determine which country the best wine comes from. This is because new wine countries are being added all the time, so the choice is constantly changing and, above all, becoming much larger. While in the beginning, you could only find a Cabernet Sauvignon in France, this wine is now spread all over the world. Although the grape is the same, and of fine quality, the taste can vary greatly from country to country. Differences in climates, but also in ways of producing are at the root of this. So even if it is possible to identify the best grape, it often depends on personal taste which country the best wine comes from next. Therefore, perhaps it is better to enjoy it, and not be too concerned with what is actually the best wine country.