Wildfires Threaten Homes of Hollywood A-Listers


Hollywood A-Lister Chris Pratt and new wife Katherine Schwarzenegger saw their home narrowly escape a wildfire thanks to the efforts of local firefighters. The fire spanned around 40 acres and had started to creep closer to the mansions in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles. 

Some residents were seen outside trying to dowse the flames with garden hoses, while others fled to safety.

As the blaze moved inexorably forwards firefighters ordered the inhabitants of 200 homes to evacuate the area. They were later allowed to return to the area with the proviso that they are ready to evacuate again if necessary.

At present, there is no structural damage caused by the fire although one firefighter was injured and a civilian was hospitalized because of respiratory problems.

Old Power Grid

Pacific Gas & Electric, the areas largest utility company, has said that it may shut off power as a way to try to prevent the risk of wildfires which has been heightened in recent days by dry winds. This would affect around half a million people living in the area.

The company started notifying customers that these shutoffs could start soon, particularly in the Sierra foothills and areas to the north of San Francisco Bay

The utility company has expressed concern that branches and debris dislodged by the forecast 60mph winds could hit power lines causing sparks to ignite fires. It is already facing bankruptcy as a result of claims related to its equipment that occurred as a result of the wildfires in 2017 and 2018.