Woman Turns Shipping Containers Into Dream Home

Prior to the time where the idea of building sustainable homes from eco-friendly materials became popular, one Canadian woman went ahead of everyone else to get her home project going.

Claudie Dubruil wanted to bring her concept to life, so after finding an appropriate location, she started making plans to start her project. Her plan was to create something out of the normal, so she decided to use special construction materials for her home.

Claudie got in touch with an engineering firm and ordered for three shipping containers, which were delivered to a lot in Quebec. The containers didn’t cost much. And as compared to the regular construction materials, the price was a token more or less.


Each one of those shipping containers cost her about $2,100, and three was all she needed to build herself a perfect home. Concrete made up the foundation, and the rest of the house’s structure came from the containers.


If you’re able to use materials like wood and the ideal coat of paint, which are relatively inexpensive, you would clean up a couple of shipping containers and make them look really nice. They cut out spaces for doors and windows in order to make the house enjoy a lot of natural light. Then, the exterior was designed with wooden panels.

For aesthetic purposes, the container was visible in some areas inside the house. However, a coat of white paint was used for its finishing, to give it that nice and contemporary look. The mix is perfect; wooden walls, a spiral metal staircase, and luxury interior design and furniture, making it very appealing as well as exquisite.


Almost every part of Claudie’s home is linked to an open space, as a result, the home feels spacious enough, and allows easy movement. The home features an outdoor shower, which is located on the upper deck of the multi-level house. This shower brings that natural feel because it readily integrates with the surrounding environment.

A stripped-down study is designed to help you work without interruptions. The home also features a kitchen which is equipped with brand new stainless steel appliances, so you can easily have your friends come over for brunch or dinner. Also, there’s an informal dining room a few steps from the kitchen.

Every part of the home enjoys its fair share of natural light that emanates from the windows, making it look very appealing.