Wonder Woman 1984 Is The Leading Streaming Release For 2020

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It has been officially announced that Wonder Woman 1984 is the biggest streaming release for 2020. The sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot and is directed by Patty Jenkins. Wonder Women is Diana Prince the Amazonian warrior turned superhero.

Wonder Woman 1984 is the first Warner Bros movie to debut on HBO Max which is the same date it was released to theaters. The release model will extend to all 2021 titles.

Released on Christmas Day, the DCEU film was viewed by half of all HBO Max subscribers. The massive viewing caused the viewing hours to nearly triple. Even though Wonder Woman did not bring in the amount it could have if it were not a pandemic year, it still grossed $16.7 million on the opening weekend. On top of that, this film made more than all other releases this year.

According to the Hollywood Report, a Screen Engine survey said Wonder Woman 1984 was viewed more in the first couple of days than any other 2020 subscription video-on-demand movie. The film also beat out Hamilton and Soul, though not by much. Adding to that, 21% of Wonder Woman viewers signed up for HBO Max just to watch the film.

The success of Wonder Woman 1984 is delivering great promise for HBO Max for the future. Now that movie theaters will start reopening in 2021, HBO Max subscribers can continue to view Warner Bros’ lineup from their homes. That alone is a great saving from the price of a ticket, the cost for fuel to get to the theater, popcorn, candy, etc.

Streaming is so hot and production companies like Warner Bros know it! There is no doubt there will be a surge in new films as we enter into 2021 and work our way through Covid-19.

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