Tallest Celebrity Women

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High heels are a red carpet must-have for any famous, photographed lady. Or are they? As it turns out, many familiar faces don't even need them! Sometimes, stepping back from the snapshot reveals a taller story. It's time to find out the truth, in inches and feet!

Melania Trump - 5'11" (180 cm)

Melania Trump certainly brings a special glam to White House, and that should surprise no one at all — she's been modeling since the age of five! 


As a teen in Slovenia, she was discovered for the big time. Photographer Stane Jerko explained: “It was January 1987 when I went home just before the end of the fashion show...I saw a girl that immediately caught my eye. There stood a tall, slender and attractive long-haired girl with distinct eyes.” The rest is Paris runway history!

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