You Can Buy Movie Tickets Online with Google Assistant

Google's AI-Powered Assistant now completes all your online tasks. Using your Android phone, the virtual secretary can help you buy tickets for the latest films with just a few taps. 


Also, whether you are looking for your favorite post-Black Friday shopping or just need to find some solo time from family over the holiday season, Google Assistant has your back covered.

All you have to do is tell Google to show times for shows on Saturday. You are immediately given a sorted list. Or you are welcome to manually search for movie times from your Google app.

After you have selected your theater from more than 70 locations and time, the Assistant will prompt you to buy your tickets from services such as Fandango, AMC, and MIR theaters in the US or if you are in the UK, Odeon.

It automatically opens in Chrome to help you through the purchasing steps. Choose how many tickets, select your seats, and confirm your payment details.

Am I Talking to a Machine?

With Duplex-on-the-web technology, the Assistant can navigate the site and put in your information. Last year, Google revealed Duplex, which is a system for conducting natural conversations to perform your tasks over the phone.

Unlike the past assistants that were choppy and robotic, Duplex sounds real, the system sounds so good, you'd never know it is robotic! It not only speaks really well but has a strong grasp of the English language.

Duplex is a recurrent neural network that's trained on a collection of anonymized phone conversation data. Its RNN uses the output of Google's automatic speech recognition as well as other great features.

It has a built-in self-monitoring capability which allows Duplex to recognize tasks out of its preview. It can schedule an unusually complex appointment and tag teams as a human operator.

In order to continually help people get things done with the Assistant on their phone, Google will be expanding their features for other tasks.