3 Foods You Probably Should Avoid

As anyone who has attempted to follow a diet will know, many foods are simply bad for you. When you eat them, they hurt you. Whether they both your stomach and cause you some other form of discomfort, many foods that we typically enjoy are foods that we should run a mile from. Want an example? Here are some of the ‘worst’ foods available today.

Processes meats

Yes, most of us who eat meat enjoy everything from a piece of pepperoni to a sausage. Hot dogs, bacon, and sausages are major staples for many of us. But few are under any illusions they are good for us. They tend to be loaded with saturated fats and sodium, which can increase the risk of getting cardiovascular illness down the line. If you enjoy your sausages and bacon every morning, you might want to look into alternatives!

Fried foods

We do not want to rain on your parade, but all of the fried food you are eating is not good for you at all. It is typically made using palm and/or vegetable oils. It is also typically a housing place for dangerous compounds that can increase your risk of illness – yes, including cancer. Fried food tastes good, but it has no real value to you other than the taste. If you eat lots of fried food, please stop.

Processed grains

Many foods that we eat today are made using processed grains. White bread and pasta in particular. Refined grains are basically nutrition free, and tend to be an easy way to gain weight and bloat. Unless you are going to be doing a lot of working out to get rid of the carbs and calories within, most processed gains are tasty but not very good for you. Swap them out for whole grain alternatives such as brown rice and oats, though, and you can get much of the same enjoyment without missing out on the minerals.