3 Of the Most Popular Online Entertainment Platforms

Part of the joy of the internet is that it allows us to always be pretty close to having some fun. If you are looking for ways to entertain yourself, the internet is home to many online platforms that give you ways to have fun. From streaming to gaming to more, what are some of the most popular online platforms to go and check out down the line?


Probably the biggest of the TV streaming solutions, Netflix is an industry titan today. It holds incredible sway and power within the industry and has long been the apex predator of the streaming world. From popular third-party shows to top-class in-house products, they are one of the largest producers of entertainment products in the world today. For those looking for a way to diversify the fun factor at home, Netflix offers you the options that you desire.


YouTube is the internet's best on-demand video platform. From video game trailers and playthroughs to covers of popular music, YouTube has a space for just about every kind of person. It is one of the most dominant names in the entertainment marketplace and even has access to other options like renting movies and TV shows.

If you are looking for a way to find diverse fun online, you would do well to find a better option overall than YouTube.


Growing all the time, HotStar is beginning to get lots of traction because it provides so many people with access to Indian movies and content. It has gained a lot of attention as it tends to get access to popular streaming content before other platforms. It is the largest streaming platform of its kind in India and is beginning to see a huge audience from even outside of the continent. A very useful resource for entertainment that you might otherwise have missed out on.