3 Southeast Asian Travel Scams You Should Look Out For

As a growing point of travel, the nations which make up Southeast Asia are truly special places to visit. They make highly gratifying points of contact, with numerous cities and geographic sites that will live long in the memory. However, in a developing part of the world, many nefarious individuals looking to prey on tourists with dodgy scams and rip-off plans. What, then, are some common Southeast Asian travel scams to avoid falling for?

Beggars and homeless

Sadly, many Southeast Asian nations have problems with poverty. This leads to many, including children, being out there on their own in the big bad world. Naturally, you want to help them out, but many times gangs and others are using these deprived children to guilt you into giving them money.

The children might approach you with a story of a hard life, and you might listen intently. It is only once you realize the story is going nowhere that your wallet, keys, passport, phone, etc. have been stolen.

Drug scams

Many of us enjoy recreational activity when it comes to drugs, but Southeast Asia is a far more conservative society. Taking drugs in just about any nation here is forbidden and can be punished to the full extent of the law.

Sadly, many people hang around trying to find people who are unsure of drug laws in the nation. They offer you cheap drugs, and if you buy you will, unfortunately, find a very conveniently placed law officer just around the corner. Once searched, if they find the drugs you will either face serious time in prison or a hefty bribe. In short, say no to drugs! 

VIP bus programs

VIP buses sound exotic and cool, offering first-world travel from A to B. Sadly, many of these bus programs are complete scams. Many times, these are designed to intentionally slow down or stop entirely at specific travel points such as guest houses, hotels, and attractions. These programs are designed to make sure that the buses basically bring enforced customs to the respective businesses.

This is sadly common and one that many people will fall for. If you have to get any kind of transport around, make sure that you read into the company behind the travel program. This is especially common when visiting Cambodia and Thailand, so keep that in mind.