4 Interesting Festivals Around the World

Here are some of the most noteworthy festivals from around the world!

Photo: Llanydd Lloyd/Unsplash

Carnival of Venice - Italy

This one’s pretty obvious but we couldn't leave it off of our list. Every February, Venice holds a two-week-long festival that features masquerades, parades, balls, and more. Visitors of the festival, especially those who walk around the San Marco square will feel like they’ve been transported through a time travel portal and landed in the middle ages.

International Balloon Fiesta - The US

Each September, Albuquerque, New Mexico holds its annual hot air balloon festival, turning the sky into a blue canvas full of colorful spots. What turns Albuquerque into the perfect spot for such a festival is the “Albuquerque Box” which is a wind pattern that is favorable for hot air balloon navigation.

Photo: ian dooley/Unsplash

Snow & Ice Festival - China

The biggest ice and snow festival in the world is held every winter in the Chinese city of Harbin. It is a month-long extravaganza that includes monumental ice sculptures, fireworks, and light displays. Other events at the festival are winter sports competitions such as skiing and ice-water swimming.

Golden Retriever Festival - Scotland

Since the summer of 2006, Scotland has been upholding the greatest tradition of gathering as many golden retrievers as possible in one place. In 2018, the festival broke the record of dogs’ attendance and reach a staggering 361 pups!