4 Popular Movie Sights to Visit for Tourists

For fans of popular culture, few things can be more enjoyable than going to visit the site of a famous movie. From those who have made their way across the sights where epic trilogies like Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings were shot to famous spots from big movies, culture lovers visit movie scenes all the time. Where, though, might you wish to begin your tour of popular culture?

Photo: Amanda Swanepoel/Unsplash


A great place to begin your journey would be by heading to matamata. This is New Zealand, and it is where most of the aforementioned LoTR series was shot. The Hobbit was also shot here, too. It has a gorgeous look and feel, and you will often find yourself feeling like you are walking around the fields of Rohan. Don’t worry, you won’t be walking into Mordor quite so easily; after all, one does not simply walk into Mordor, do they?

Christ Church College

This college ground in Oxford, England is a hugely popular place to visit for media lovers. It is the home of Harry Potter, after all. Given how much the little wizard managed to take over popular culture for much of the 2000s, visiting here should be on the bucket list of Potter fans all around the world. It’s a great way to see some of the sights and scenes that made the series so memorable.

Photo; Wilmer Martinez/Unsplash

New York City

OK, so this might be a little general given how big NYC is. Yet the city is home to many major media scenes. You could head to Central Park, you could take on a trip to Madison Square Gardens, or you could head around to various parts of the city used in major film shots. NYC is a fantastic city to spend your time in any way, and you often do not need to travel too far to find a sight or scene from a media property that you simply adore.

Martha’s Vineyard

Head on over to Massachusetts, instead, and you can enjoy a very intriguing sight indeed: the place where Jaws was filmed!

Don’t worry, he isn’t here. You can take a little tour of the movie scene and see the most famous parts of the movie. You can even take boat tours for those who want to inject themselves into the action up-close.