5 Quick Things to Consider Before Investing in a New Car

Buying a new car is exciting, fun even. However, it is also an experience that can be fraught with mistakes. Very often, you might buy a car and then quickly realize you have been sold a lemon. It might barely work, or it might carry out a fraction of the features that you thought it did. Either way, we recommend you consider the following before making that all-important investment.

Photo: Dieny Portinanni/Unsplash

Always bring someone with you

The biggest mistake that you can make when buying a car is going along yourself. Even if you know a lot about cars, all it takes is a slick salesman to talk you into buying something you might not even want. For that reason, you should always bring someone along with you. The more that they know about cars, the better.

Do not make the first purchase you see

Like buying a jacket, many people see one car and think ‘oh, that is what I want!’ – only to find out that it is nothing of the sort. The first purchase that you see is probably the car you should avoid. Very rarely will you land upon your dream car with one single look? Search around; compare brands, makes, models, and prices closely.

Tell the dealer as little as you can

You can make a huge mistake by going in and telling the dealer things like your budget or what you are looking to trade in. Many naïve buyers have been left out of pocket because they told the dealer too much. Keep your cards close to your chest; give as little information away as possible until you are 100% sure about your purchase.

Photo: Jim Witkowski/Unsplash

Get offers in hand before haggling

You are unlikely to beat a salesman at the haggling game, no matter how good you think you are. The best way to win? Speak to 4 or 5 different dealerships. Then, arrive at the dealership you want to buy from most and show them the offers you are getting from elsewhere. Can they beat the best offer from another firm? If not, go elsewhere. Avoid haggling, though, it is a waste of your time for the most part.

Always look for a test drive

Lastly, make sure you never buy a car without getting a test first. If they cannot give you a test, find out why. If you are not happy with the answer or it sounds like they are stalling for time, there could be a problem with the model. Always be clear about what you want, and shift as little as possible. If they want your money and your business, make ‘em work for it!